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Welcome To Trans Bus Africa

Trans Bus Africa operates a fleet of over 50 buses travelling in and around South Africa, providing affordable passenger transportation to our clients. We cater for all types of needs and our clientele include Church Groups, Funeral Services, Wedding Planners, Government Departments, Corporates, Mines, School, Crèches and Individuals, etc.

We provide a personalized, individual service to our clients. We are a one-stop operation that caters for all your needs from quotation, to tracking and surveillance, right until your safe return.

Our Vision At Trans Bus Africa

To maintain the growth of Trans Bus Africa as a national transport operator of choice. Trans Bus Africa strives to assist in the establishment of a stable, peaceful, democratic and law-abiding society which sustains our future.

Our Passenger’s safety is of utmost importance to us. We offer our customers/clients luxury and comfort at the best affordable prices. Hygiene is also very important to us, so we practice and apply principles of cleanliness. Our level of maintenance is of high standards. We practice pre-trip inspections as well as our buses undergo a 6 month Road-Worthy Certificate.

Travel With Ease

Our business isn’t only about transporting people; it is about inculcating and maintaining a hands on operation which is the key success to our business. That is what makes us different from our competitors. Our staff are highly trained and professional in Administration, Technical and Driving.

All our buses are insured, as well as all passengers are covered for passenger liability. Insurance confirmations can be made available on request.

Transbus Africa - Hire A Bus
Transbus Africa - Hire A Bus
Transbus Africa - Hire A Bus
Transbus Africa - Hire A Bus
Transbus Africa - Hire A Bus
Transbus Africa - Hire A Bus
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